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I am Mrs. Tenneh Lebbi Johnson, founder of Vision For The Hopeless International. This vision grew with me as a childhood dream. Being an orphan leaves a child living with sad memories and not being loved like other children with parents who care about them. In many cases orphans have no advocates to seek their interest or look out for them, there is no guardiance.

Some orphans have dreams that cannot be realized due to lack of parental support. I saw a need to provide parental love and care for orphan children in rural Liberia, West Africa because their story is similar to mine.

As a young person, I was fortunate to receive help from Catholic Missionaries inorder to obtain grade school and high school education. I received scholarship from LAMCO J.V operating also in Liberia to attend college. I was also blessed with a scholarship to attend Nursing school in the United States of America.

After working tirelessly but hopeful that God had an assigment for me to care for orphans, I am motiviated to take the first step. It would have been impossible for me to carry out this noble task if other organization had not helped me to persude this vision.
I am prepared to lay down my life for orphans so that they too can live their dreams and meaningfully contribuate to society. Join me by making contributions in-kind or financially to prevent orphan abuse or mistreatment. We can educate and  promote self discipline so that our world can be a better place to live.

We can also use volunteers to collect used items such as cloths, shoes, beddings, dry food items, personal hygiene items and school supplies.


Tenneh Lebbi Johnson

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