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We believe that : Orphan's Freedom is the reason we exist.
It is the Mission of Vision For The Hopeless International to empower orphan children to self determination. We shall provide quality care to orphan in our home and show them love. It is our goal to become the lead provider of adequate nutritional food, maintain good health prevent disease and strive to put an end to child prostitution in Liberia that may prevent orphans from living their dreams. Our focus is to increase their quality of life. We are committed to four basic values as we implement our mission: Empathy is the center of our work.

We Value People : We're guided by one philosophy; people who are vulnerable such as orphans have the same rights as others who are fortunate to experience a fulfilling and meaningful life. Vision For The Hopeless International strives to achieve quality of life in an environment that encourages personal dignity and independence. All orphans have a right to receive quality care and compassion. They can make a positive impact on our world.

We Provide Excellence Service: At Vision For The Hopeless International excellence of service is the bedrock of this humanitarian organization. All orphans have the right to expect a commitment to quality by all staff as reflected in our ethics, compassion, professionalism and performance.

Our Commitment: Is to provide a caring staff, healthy environment and programs to support our philosophy.

Renewal & Hope: We renew our commitment by providing quality service to orphans in our homes everyday. We will remain prayerful that all the programs we have established will be utilized's in other communities throughout Liberia.

Vision: Our vision is to be a leader in providing values-driven child care for orphans by meeting their basic needs of life. We shall introduce awareness programs, promote play and work ethics. Adult supervision shall be provided 24 hours a day to ensure the orphans are being mentor and cared for.

Purpose: We are committed to these values  in fulfillment of our mission and we strive to provide community based opportunity such as schools, shelter, health education and nutritional food in our home environments. We will develop the body, mind and spirit of each orphan child and nurtured them by encouraging choices and promoting independence.

Thanks for all your financial and In-Kind donations which have made our dream a reality.