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 Board Members
Mrs. Tenneh Johnson
I am a mother of ten children and 4 grandchildren. With the affection and caring love shown me by my parents, I have always wanted to take care of children.
My parents were very involved in caring for the unfortunate and less privilege ones. I carry with me today the love and caring affection my parents illustrated to the less fortunate. My involvement with VFTHI over the past months have been a rewarding one for me, reflecting on the improvement we have seen over the past months we know all our kids are being well care for.
We look forward to your sponsorship/donations, together we can improve the lives  of our young unfortunate children. God blessings 
Mrs. Helen Nimley 
Mrs. Felecia Baysah
Mrs. Cassandra Freeman
Mrs. Catherien T. Agbale
Mrs. Zoe Stewart

I am the founder and Ceo of Vision For the Hopeless International based in Minnesota and operating in Liberia West Africa . This orphanage organization was founded on Christian Principles keeping in mind that providing for less fortunate people like orphans deserve the right to be loved and cared for. This organization  is centered around providing motherly love and ensuring that our orphan children are in school and obtaining quality education, receiving good healthcare, eating nutritional meal, living in a home managed 24 hours by house mothers.

Having seen the desperate situation and basic needs of orphans in Liberia, I was moved to gather ten women who saw the vision and  realized the importance of establishing an organization like ours to help prevent child abuse and mistreatment in Liberia.
Our Saviour Lutheran Church located in Minnesota at 2515 Chicago Ave. South has been very involved by making donations to this life saving mission. Vision for the Hopeless Int.l is also blessed with other viable sponsors in  and around the United States Of America.. We remain thankful.
The deadly situation in Liberia has made life unbearable for orphans who are left unattended and some times left hungry and homeless resulting to death.
At this point we at Vision for the Hopeless International are asking all well wishes and those who empathize with orphans to please make a donation to this cause so that all of us can make a difference in the lives of these distressed children.
Thanks for your timeless and tireless response to our call .
Tenneh Johnson
CEO,  Vision For The Hopeless International

There is a Chinese proverb that says a child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. Helping poor and less fortunate children comes creates in me a sense of inner peace , happiness and forestallment. My vision for orphans in rural Liberia lives through this organization.  Together we can make a child's life better by providing his basic needs . Please join us in this worthy cause by making a donation of any kind today. Thank you.

Daba Hoff

Orphan have been deprive of their  basic needs beyond their controls due to the death of their parents. I hope that people would help support them in order to restore them back into the society.

My name is Helena Nimley . Because of the unending suffering of children and the difficulties that they incurred with diseases, their situation often become tragic.
I am a strong believer of helping children therefore I feel very strong about this
orphanage. Please make a donation to this very good cause today. Thank you.

My name is Filicia Baysah. Because of the many atrocities that I encountered during the Liberian civil war , it has touched me to want share the vision and the gift of giving to the less privileged. I was never an orphan, but I share their pain and distress. No one can feelwhat an orphan or an abused child goes through until you come in contact with someone close.
You will then be able to share empathy. With your donation of even a dollar a day we can do this together; providing shelter and a nurturing environment for these children.

May God bless you.
My name is Elizabeth  Stewart. My dream has always been to work with under privileged
and orphan children. This was an opportunity for me to make my dream come through.
It has been a wonderful start for me since this organization came into existence. I hope that
all of you out there will find it in your hearts to help this organization move forward by giving
and contributing to this cause.
Vivienne Bambara

Please help our orphanage children in Liberia, West Africa. We accept financial and in-kind donation.

God bless you

Thanks to all our sponsors. may God richly bless you and your love ones.

Lorraine Brunskie